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Robin: Heartbreaking, inspiring and Brave! Telling Your story is Brave and inspirational So thankful for women who stand up and say “no more”! I will not let my past define me! Thank you to all the women in this book! Thank you that we can and do support each other, inspiring each other! Thank you Karry Ann!!!

Your story was Inspiring and sad too. I wanted to give you a big old hug. I am thankful you found Crystal ..... life changing experience for all of us.

Donna: Karry Ann: Thank you for sharing part of your soul with us. I felt your sadness and pain as you shared part of your story, but I also feel your determination. As you know, I am right there with you in the journey of healing, growth and truth! You have a beautiful soul!

Cindy: I read the rest of your experience last night and I just wanted to hug you again. Your powerful words will be with me now. What a weight you carried and how courageous you are. Sometimes you notice people who are kind and compassionate and you assume that they were born that way, or nurtured by the compassion and kindness of others. I kept thinking as I read ‘How on earth did Karry Ann get from there to here.’  You are so strong! I love you my friend and thank you for sharing this powerful message.

Wendy: I got my book from Miss Author Karry Ann, yesterday. know what I'm doing...and don't bother me!! This is definitely going to be a best seller. So many women working together to raise up so many others who might read it and feel the love it represents! Wow!  
This is awesome, Karry.

Janet:I’m behind on my sharing because we went away last week. A couple weeks ago I received a book from an author I met years ago through mutual Facebook groups. Karry Ann wrote one of the published stories in this encouraging new book. Stories from women who have overcome some seriously discouraging situations. Not only is the book filled with inspiring reading, Karry Ann wrapped my copy in pretty tissue and included a sweet note. I’m so proud of her. Life isn’t always dreamy and perfect but encouraging each other is a way to make the journey less painful.

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